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The Inmigrant by EL Yucateco

"El Yucateco" has been a beloved hot sauce brand for over 50 years, and I was thrilled to be a part of an effort to celebrate its rich heritage.

As an Art Director with a passion for creative exploration, I took on the challenge of crafting a headline campaign that highlights

the brand's authentic taste and cultural significance.


Leveraging my copywriting skills, I developed a concept that takes the point of view of a traditional Mexican inmigrant,

bringing the bold and flavorful essence of Mexican cuisine to life. Through this project, I was able to experiment with my writing abilities and showcase my versatility as a creative.


customs copy.jpg
abuela approved copy.jpg
adios amigo copy.jpg
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fat free copy.jpg
heartburn copy.jpg
cheat meal copy.jpg
pronounce copy.jpg
FDA copy.jpg
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