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Facebook Fake Check

Facebook has become the most common platform to spread fake news. It has also become one of the least trusted social media networks.

InsightThe spread of fake news makes it harder for people to know the truth.

Idea: Facebook teams up with Snopes, a fact checking, reliable company, to integrate a new feature that checks for fake news posts before anybody shares it.

How does it work: The feature is activated based on a combination of a certain number of people sharing a specified post.

When the "Share Button" is clicked, it will activate a set of multiple choice questions to make sure the post was read, facts or opinions were identified, and the date and source of the article were verified by the user.


Fake Check will scan the posts through several search engines, by image, by headline, by content, and will give the post (and the user) a rating based on its results.

fakecheck caseboard copy 2.jpg
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