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Racism Underlined


**Creative Conscience Awards 2023 GOLD**


Racism in the United States takes on many ugly forms everyday, with 7 in 10 African Americans saying they’ve faced racism

at least once in their lifetime. But what about when racism takes on a more subtle form? What if even the most well intentioned people were

casually perpetuating racial stereotypes?



Words hurt, especially in a diverse community where words can hide long forgotten racist pasts and origins that people are unaware of.



We used the power of typefaces and text to identify and highlight words with racist origins, to raise awareness and give people tools with which to with which to remove such language from today’s society. Through our campaign we hope to uproot racism, one root word at a time.


PRINT ADS: The heart of our campaign. the ads leverage era-shecific typefaces to raise awareness

and uncover the racist histories behind everyday words and phrases.

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CHROME PLUG-IThe plug-in works to give people a tool they can use across documents and social media. to act on what they’ve learnt.


BANNER AD: The banner ad was run specifically targeting news and other information portals, underlining historically racist words.

racism underlined web ad copy.jpg

ONLINE DICTIONARY: The dictionary works to curate an extensive list of such words,

becoming an accessible and comprehensive tool against casual and indirect racism.

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