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Swapflix by Netflix

Around 80% of all Netflix viewers only watch content that their algorithm pulls up. These suggestions are not always spot on and leave people fearful of exploring or watching shows with other people. People need to be able to discover the 17,300 shows and movies Netflix has available. 


Insight: Frustration, fear and boredom with Netflix Algorithms is a huge issue for a big segment of viewers. People need a simple and exciting way to burst out of their filter bubble.


Idea: Netflix creates a new swap profile feature that helps you burst your algorithm filter and access what other users are watching. Thus allowing you to watch new and fresh content , breaking out of the suggestion matrix. 


swap logo pres copy.jpg
swap screen pres copy2.jpg
swap screen pres copy.jpg
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algorithm mixmatch print1 copy2.jpg
algorithm mixmatch print1 copy3.jpg
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