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Bose's Noiseless Route

Having a worrisome increase in noise pollution in the world's major cities,

BOSE teams up with Google Maps to improve sound quality on the road, especially for the hypersensitive children with special needs.

Insight: Noise pollution while on the road can be a real painful and horrific experience for children with autism.

Idea: Bose's Noiseless Route provides a harmless ride for children with special needs. Thanks to the technology of (SLM) Sound Level Meter, it is possible to measure noise levels at selected locations. Users will be directed through this route avoiding traffic, industrial and commercial areas in order to have a stress-free ride. Additionally, posters will be placed in carefully chosen locations, serving as a gentle reminder for people to keep their volume down and preserve quiet zones. 

noiseless route2 copy_edited.jpg
noiseless route3 copy.jpg
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